Resurrect Feminism

 Because irking your ignorant friend is fun! 

Being a woman has it's difficulties, and we're here to make fun of the experience. Our goal is to shed light on some of the problems in an amusing way, and most importantly, to sell you swag that will make the point for you, with flare and style!

So, whether you're here because your father insists that you need his political direction, because you're tired of being told to act like a lady, or because once you tell a man you're a feminist your chances of getting laid tank exponentially, we've got what you need to tell the world how you feel about it all. And even if you like all those things and just want to irk someone for the hell of it, we've got some products for you!

 Don't just say it, swag it! 

Welcome to Resurrect Feminism, a shop and site dedicated to feminists from all walks of life. Created by three very different feminist sisters, our goal is to provide the swag necessary to bring out the feminist in you, whether you want to say or SCREAM IT!

Gentlemen, don't be put off. We will salute you every month in our blog. So check for our man of the month and see just how much we love you! The blog also contains postings and ramblings; some political, some philosophical, and some unidentifiable. Be sure to pay it a visit!

Please feel free to send any suggestions, as we're always looking for great ways to keep feminism alive! Just check out our contact page and send us your ideas.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy!